7-9 February 2007; Marina Del Rey, CA


Prof. R. Srikant of UIUC and Larry Dunn of Cisco will be plenary speakers at PFLDnet2007.

For the first time, PFLDnet will host a tutorial. This tutorial will be given by Prof. Steven Low, Professor at Caltech and CEO of FastSoft, with a tentative title of "Flow control theory for practitioners", on the morning of Friday February 9th, 2007 .

Regular talks will be 20 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions and change-over.

On Friday afternoon, February 9, 2007, PFLDnet2007 delegates are welcome to a complimentary site visit at WAN-in-Lab in Netlab, Caltech. A shuttle bus is has been arranged for those need transport to WAN-in-Lab site visit from ISI.
(Driving directions to WAN-in-Lab..)

  7 February, 2007
8:30-9:00  Registration
8:30-9:00  Breakfast (provided)
9:00-10:20  Plenary 1     Chair: Doug Leith
  Three sides of a coin: Why it's easy/impossible/tricky to get your ideas into routers
Larry Dunn (Cisco Systems)
10:20-10:40  Break
10:40-11:50  Theoretical Performance Analysis     Chair: Michael Welzl
  Stochastic Ordering for Internet Congestion Control
Han Cai*; Do Young Eun*; Sangtae Ha*; Injong Rhee* ; Lisong Xu**
(*North Carolina State University, US; **University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US)   pages 1-6
  Experimental evaluation of Cubic-TCP
Douglas Leith; Robert Shorten; Gavin McCullagh
(Hamilton Institute at NUI Maynooth, IE)   pages 7-12
  Delay-based AIMD congestion control
Douglas Leith*; John Heffner**; Robert Shorten*; Gavin McCullagh*
(*Hamilton Institute at NUI Maynooth, IE; **Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, US)   pages 73-78
11:50-13:00  Lunch (provided)
13:00-14:10  Packet Management     Chair: Medy Sanadidi
  Robustness to Packet Reordering in High-speed Networks
Sumitha Bhandarkar; Narasimha Reddy
(Texas A & M University, US)   pages 13-18
  Packet Reordering in High-Speed Networks and Its Impact on High-Speed TCP Variants
Jie Feng; Zhipeng Ouyang; Lisong Xu; Byrav Ramamurthy
(University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US)   pages 19-24
  Effect of Receive Buffer Size: An OS-based Perspective
Jerome White; David Wei
(California Institute of Technology, US)   pages 25-30
14:10-14:40  Break
14:40-15:50  Novel Flow Control Protocols
  TCP-Fusion: A Hybrid Congestion Control Algorithm for High-speed Networks
Kazumi Kaneko; Jiro Katto
(Waseda University, JP)   pages 31-36
  YeAH-TCP: yet Another Highspeed TCP
Francesco Vacirca; Andrea Baiocchi; Angelo Castellani
(Universita di Roma, La Sapienza, IT)   pages 37-42
  Linux beats Windows! – or the Worrying Evolution of TCP in Common Operating Systems
Kashif Munir; Michael Welzl; Dragana Damjanovic
(University of Innsbruck, AT)   pages 43-48
15:50-16:10  Break
16:10-17:30  Panel Session 1     Chair: Lars Eggert (Nokia, DE)
  Risks, Benefits and Issues of Using PFLDnets on the Internet
Ted Faber, USC ISI (TCPM co-chair)
Murari Sridharan, Microsoft (C-TCP)
Injong Rhee, NCSU (BIC/CUBIC)
Stephen Hemminger, OSDL (Linux kernel)
Bob Briscoe (BT and UCL, UK)
19:00-  Dinner (provided)
  8 February, 2007
8:30-9:00  Breakfast (provided)
9:00-10:20  Plenary 2     Chair: Lachlan Andrew
  The Role of Mathematical Modelling in the Design of Congestion Control Algorithms for High-Speed Networks
R. Srikant (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
10:20-12:40  Break
10:40-11:50  Hardware
  Analysis of 10 Gigabit Ethernet using Hardware Engine for Performance Tuning on Long Fat-pipe Network
Takeshi Yoshino; Junji Tamatsukuri; Katsushi Inagami; Yutaka Sugawara; Mary Inaba; Kei Hiraki
(University of Tokyo, JP)   pages 43-48
  Investigation of Ethernet switches behavior in presence of contending flows at very high-speed
Sebastien Soudan*; Romaric Guillier*; Ludovic Hablot*; Yuetsu Kodama**; Tomohiro Kudoh**; Fumihiro Okazaki**; Ryousei Takano**; Pascale Primet***
(*LIP, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, FR; AIST, JP; ***ENS-Lyon, INRIA, EC-Lyon, FR)   pages 49-54
  Modeling and Analysis to Estimate the End-System Performance Bottleneck Rate for High-Speed Data Transfer
Amitabha Banerjee; Biswanath Mukherjee; Dipak Ghosal
(UC Davis, US)   pages 55-60
11:50-13:25  Lunch (provided)
13:25-14:10  New Approaches     Chair: Katsushi Kobayashi
  Congestion Control Without a Startup Phase
Mark Allman*; Shudong Jin**; Dan Liu**; Limin Wang***;
(*ICIR, US; **Case Western Reserve University, US; ***Bell Labs, US)   pages 61-66
  Decoupling End-to-End Efficiency and Fairness Control in High Bandwidth-Delay Product Networks
Shudong Jin; Dan Liu
(Case Western Reserve University, US)   pages 67-72
14:10-14:40  Break
14:40-15:50  Empirical Performance Analysis     Chair: Pascale Primet
  A study of large flow interactions in high-speed shared networks with Grid5000 and GtrcNET-10 instruments
Romaric Guillier* ; Ludovic Hablot*; Yuetsu Kodama**; Tomohiro_ Kudoh**; Fumihiro Okazaki**; Pascale Primet*** ; Sebastien Soudan*; Ryousei Takano**
(*LIP, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, FR; **AIST, JP; ***ENS-Lyon, INRIA, EC-Lyon, FR)   pages 79-84
  WAN-in-Lab: Motivation, Deployment and Experiments
George Lee; Lachlan Andrew; Ao Tang; Steven Low
(California Institute of Technology, US)   pages 85-90
  Assessing Interactions among Legacy and High-Speed TCP Protocols
Hideyuki Shimonishi*; Medy Sanadidi**; Tutomu Murase*
(*NEC Corp., JP; **UCLA, US)   pages 91-96
15:50-16:10  Break
16:10-17:30  Panel Session 2     Chair: Richard Hughes-Jones (University of Manchester)
  What performance measures of congestion control algorithms matter? /
How do transport protocols affect applications?
Pascale Primet (INRIA, FR)
Katsushi Kobayashi (AIST, JP)
Tim Shepard (Independent contractor)
Ralph Niederberger (FZJ, DE)

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