November 28-29, 2010
Franklin & Marshall College   
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

 Important Notes

Directions and Parking:

Please see the following Google map for getting to F&M, and for detailed relevant local information. We have 15 reserved spots for PFLDNeT attendees, which will be marked as "Special Event Parking" in the Williamson Lot (marked on the Google map).

There will be signs leading you from the Williamson Lot to Brooks House Commons, which is our venue. You can also use the F&M campus map for getting to the venue: look for "Brooks College House Commons" from the "Williamson Parking Lot" and/or the pedestrian entrance (entrance on College Ave. facing "Old Main" on the campus map).

Please park ONLY in the Williamson Lot. You can enter the Williamson Lot from only the Harrisburg Ave. entrance to the campus (marked on the Google map). If in doubt, please call 717-291-3939 (F&M Campus Security) for help.

Shuttle to/from Mariott:

There will be one shuttle that will run continuously between F&M and the Mariott during the hours noted below. Look for the "F&M" sign on the shuttle window.There will be signs from the F&M entrance to Brooks House Commons, where the event will be held.

  • Sunday, 29 Nov, 7:45AM - 9:00AM: Downtown Mariott to F&M (dropoff at main entrance on College Ave). The final pickup from the Mariott be at ~9:00AM.
  • Sunday, 29 Nov, 5:15PM - 6:30PM: F&M (pickup at main entrance on College Ave.) to Downtown Mariott for the reception. The final pickup from F&M be at ~6:30PM.
  • Monday, 30 Nov, 7:45AM - 9:00AM: Downtown Mariott to F&M (dropoff at main entrance on College Ave). The final pickup from the Mariott be at ~9:00AM.
  • Monday, 30 Nov, 4:15PM - 5:30PM: F&M (pickup at main entrance on College Ave.) to Downtown Mariott. The final pickup from F&M be at ~5:30PM.

Special Amtrak Notice:

Since it is Thanksgiving season and the busiest travel season of the year, Amtrak requires advance reservations for any train from November 23 through 29. Please make your reservations accordingly.

 Getting There

General Instructions:

General instructions on getting to the venue are listed here. The closest airport is Harrisburg International Airport (HIA), at a ~40-minute drive from the venue. Harrisburg is a small airport, however, and you are likely to have more options flying into Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). (particularly for those planning to attend CoNEXT in Philadelphia.) Note that PHL is not mentioned in the page linked to above; more detailed information on getting to the venue from HIA and PHL follows.

From Harrisburg Airport:

Harrisburg International Airport is the nearest airport to the venue, and is a ~40-minute drive from the venue. We have made arrangements with the following shuttle company:

Unique Limousine of Harrisburg:
Phone number: +1-800-298-8053
Town Car (upto 3 people): USD 116 (includes gratuity)
Van (4-10 people): USD 154 (includes gratuity)
Cancellation: Allowed upto ~3 hours before pick-up time.

While you should budget for the worst case cost of USD 116 per person, we have arranged for sharing, and the best case cost is USD 15.4 when 10 people share a van. The shuttle company is co-ordinating grouping and scheduling, and will try to accomodate sharing when possible. When you call to make your reservation, please let them know the following:
(i) that you are with the PFLDNeT group
(ii) that you are willing to share, and
(iii) how long you are willing to wait to share a shuttle.
You can call the phone number above closer to the travel date and check whether (and how much) you will be sharing.

From Philadelphia Airport:

Philadelphia International Airport is a 1.5-hour drive from the venue, and may be preferred for those planning to continue on to CoNEXT.
Public transport is also quite convenient and can be used to get from the Philadelphia Airport to Lancaster as follows:
1. Use the SEPTA Airport Line to get from the airport to Philadelphia 30th Street Station. Tickets can be purchased at the train station. (Travel time: ~30 minutes)
2. Use Amtrak to get from "30th Street" Station (station code: PHL) to Lancaster (station code: LNC). Tickets can be purchased at kiosks or windows at 30th Street Station, or online. If you purchase your tickets online, and if you miss your train, go to the customer service desk at 30th Street Station and pay the difference (if any) for the next train. In case the customer service desk is closed, assume that the ticket will work on the following train. (Travel time: ~70 minutes)
3.The Mariott is a ~25-minute walk (walking directions) or a 5-minute taxicab ride from the Lancaster Amtrak train station.

Taxicab Information (in no particular order):

1. Friendly Transportation: 1-800-795-FAST
2. Yellow Cab: 717-397-8100

If in need, please call Jana Iyengar at 239-404-6170 (cell)

PFLDnet 2010